Adorable Christmas Ornaments


I’m always looking for cute embroidery designs. When I saw these on http://www.emblibrary I had to have them. They have a whole cart load of them. I’ll be making more of these. They are made all in the hoop. I immediately thought of my grandchildren when I discovered them. They are perfect for little ones helping decorate a Christmas Tree. They are unbreakable but so bright and festive.


More for Halloween

I have done a few more things for Halloween. I thought I would make a tablecloth. It took awhile to get all the embroidery on. It might be because I have a large table. I learned a few things. With such a big table I learned I better love the fabric. But here is the tablecloth.img_0189img_0188

I also made a pillow. I really like this witch.img_0192

Fall Time

It’s October already! I can’t believe it. Leaves are starting to change and the weather has cooled off.

I thought I’d make some Halloween decorations. I found the most adorable embroidered monsters at And I just had to make a quilt with them.Each monster is so cute. I quilted it yesterday. I just need to bind it.



Faith of a Mission

dsc_1175I loved piecing this quilt together! This has machine applique, machine piecing and hand piecing. My daughter went to Thailand for 18 months and brought back some Thai fabric which was wonderful. I really enjoyed playing with the hexagons and figuring out different designs for my center motif. I was able to put some trapunto into one of the boarder. It was just an all around fun quilt to make.

The Bloggers Quilt Festival is an on-line Quilting competition where bloggers like myself can enter 2 different quilts into a catagory. Amy Ellis of amyscreativeside  organizes and hosts this quilt festival. Thank you Amy. Everyone gets to view these incredible quilts. And then vote for their favorite.

I have entered Faith of a Mission quilt into the Large quilt catagory. This quilt is 77 inches x 77 inches.



My 10th grandbaby. It’s a girl!

imageHaving grandchildren is the best! Preparing for a new baby is so exciting. I love making a new quilt for a new grand baby. I let the new mother find a pattern and help shop for the fabric. I absolutely love this pattern by Laura Heine called Garden Party. My daughter had excellent fabric choices. Each block is machine appliqued.  The 20 inch square blocks went together quickly after I prepared each applique piece by cutting them out and pressing them onto Steam a Seam 2. Using Steam a Seam 2 made it very easy to applique around each piece because it adheres it to the background. The quilt is finished and it is lovely. Now we’re just waiting for the baby.

Spring Flowers


Spring Flowers


Salt Lake City, Utah has a great quilting show every year in May. It’s called the Home Machine Quilting and Sewing Show. The show has lots of classes with National Teachers, a large vendor mall and a large, wonderful quilt competition with incredible quilts. In 2004 I took a class by Sue Schmieden of The Quilting Connection called Color Magic. This is where I learned to make Spring Flowers. It was a very informative class with step by step instructions. Sue Schmieden was an excellent teacher. She had colored instructions and lots of hands on examples that we could see and handle. Over the next year I designed my quilt and with Sue Schmieden’s instruction booklet I made my award, winning quilt, Spring Flowers.

I had never entered a quilt in any competition. But I got up enough courage to enter my quilt at the Home Machine Quilting and Sewing Show in 2006 and I won 2nd place in the Whole Cloth catagory.


Here is how I made it:

First I drew up a design. This is when I desided what colors I wanted in my whole cloth, color magic quilt. I used bleached muslin for my quilt top. I cut a piece that was 100 in. x 100 in. Using a blue water soluble marker I drew my design onto the muslin. When that was done I loaded the muslin onto my longarm quilting machine with a polyester, high loft batting (16 oz). No backing.  Using Superior’s Vanish thread I quilted everywhere on the quilt that I wanted it puffy. Like the feathers and around the boarder. I did not quilt the detail quilting, only the puffy parts that I wanted on my quilt. When that was done I took it off the longarm quilting machine and very carefully cut away the batting I did not want on my quilt. I left the batting where I wanted it fluffy. I left the feathers and the boarder parts.



You can see the feather and underneath is the batting. This is before I trimed the batting really close.



image Here is on the back side after I trimed very close.

I gathered everything I needed and prepared it.

  • I found the ribbon that I liked for the flower vase. I made sure I previewed my ribbon behind my bleached muslin to make sure it still looked pretty. If the muslin is too thick it won’t show the colors thru the fabric and that’s what you’re looking for. Once the ribbon is behind, up against the fabric, it will be like magic. I weaved the ribbon.
  • Felt. I cut and prepared it to fit my design. I used pink and green. Make sure to preview the felt behind the muslin.
  • Silk flowers. I used pink, purple and yellow. Preview the flowers behind the muslin. The flowers can be found at any craft store. You will need to take the flower apart and discard the plastic stem. Test the flower to make sure it won’t bleed on your quilt.
  • White batting. Use a thin batting.
  • Bleached muslin for the backing.



Here are examples for the silk flowers, ribbon, felt and batting.

imageHere are the examples with the bleached muslin over them. Notice, you can still see the colors thru the muslin.






Finally, I was ready to prepare the quilt top. Laying out my quilt top, wrong side up, I started pinning my flowers and felt in place. I pinned from the top (front) of the quilt so I could remove the pins as I quilted. It was awkward getting everything pinned. So, if you can imagine, I pinned from underneath. Very awkward. But at last, it was ready to quilt.

I loaded my quilt onto the quilting machine. First, I loaded the bleached muslin backing, which was bigger than the front. Then I loaded my white, very thin batting on the machine. Then layed my quilt top on. Wrong side down. I checked again to make sure all pins were pinned from the top of the quilt. No pins inside the quilt layers. Then I heavily quilted my quilt. Each time I rolled my quilt as I quilted I checked to make sure everything was laying flat. I again checked for pins and made sure I was not going to quilt one that was hiding in a quilt layer. I also removed the pins on the area I was ready to quilt.

After quilting it I put my Color Magic quilt into a front loading washer and ran it thru a short rinse cycle to remove the blue water soluble maker I used for drawing on my design. This is when the color really pops!!!  Its great to see all the color because you don’t see it until now. It’s like magic.

I blocked my quilt and then bound it. A lot of work but very rewarding.

Hard work pays off!


Summer time is Wedding time

Coming up with wedding gifts can be challenging,

especially when you have multiple weddings in one week. I love my embroidery machine and the magic it creates. Decorative dish towels are a perfect gift for a couple that is just starting their own home. It’s always fun to have cute things for your first kitchen, well, even, when it’s not your first kitchen.

First blog post

Making quilts for pleasure is the greatest pastime. When I embroidered the butterflies I was not sure how I was going to use them in a quilt. I realized I had made a quilt with embroidery on it that I really liked and enjoyed piecing together. So I used that pattern and just changed the blocks to my butterfly embroidered pattern. I found the pattern in a quilting magazine. I pieced and quilted this quilt in 2012.